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Basically you should know that Google as the most important search engine has changed the guidelines for search engine ranking since March 2021. The reason was the misuse of webpage programming by well-known companies, which thus "artificially" influenced their search engine ranking to the detriment of competitors.  To prevent this, new criteria apply. We find this  decision in favor of:  Content Relevance  Quality  Smartphone compatibility right.  This influences both the future ranking of our “PR Magazine Supplements” and the main domain website of our customers from where the supplement can be accessed. What are the prerequisites for the permanent establishment  of a PR magazine supplement? • Relevant variety of topics • Attractiveness for users • Visual representability • At least weekly content updates • A strategic, conceptual approach • Editorial planning security • Accessibility • Reliability in communication • Budget What are temporary PR magazine supplements suitable for? (FMC/Fast moving content) Temporary topics and individual projects:  Promotions  Events  Exhibitions / trade fairs  Look books and photo sharing!  Documentations  Press clippings  Reports  Individual journalistic topics  Presentations  Media hotshots  Public crisis management With mutual reliability you can we temporarily produce and provide PR-Magazine supplements without a single personal meeting.
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