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The Event PR-Magazine is a event documentation and reportage based on CEA Event Photography.
It is the logical follow- up step for media work and Public Relations.
   Own Event Title Domain  Page Layout with CI/Logos  Photo Link Structure  10 Photos per page  no restriction for page     quantity and themes  Webprint (Link Key Visual)     for external Webpages     and Social Media  Production Limit 5: pages     per day max. (50 Photos)  Update every hour during     production process  QR Code interface  Smartphone format
Event Photography
Developed by: Christian von der Eltz ©
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Event PR Magazine proposal concept: All in: Pre-Meetings Event Shooting Event PR Magazine Production with 10 Photo pages All in sum 1 Additional page production and updates All in sum 2 External costs and expenses All in sum 3
Photo Fees and Briefing