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PR content production requires creative thought processes, combined with time for thematic discussion. Even if there does not seem to be any specific need for action within certain phases, the thoughts accompany every day. A major difference to industrial processes.   In this way, new idea sketches, new topics and recommendations are created in order to continuously develop the magazine further. Time spent on research obtaining information), creative sketches, consulting and coordination are remunerated monthly with a lump sum.   For all other services related to magazine and content production, we submit individual offers on the basis of a previously agreed fee list. This fee list is then used for the basic project calculation. It is valid for one year.   All fees for content production (texts, photos, layouts, films, etc.) are earmarked for the PR Magazine Supplement and therefore initially restricted. Any other use for advertising or sales purposes that are not related to the PR Magazine Supplement requires an additional one License agreement, including all print use without exception.   Christian von der Eltz, CEO (CEA Communication & Creative Connections, Limited - Hong Kong) take into account and respect in every way international media law as the basis of all media activities. (US / EU)   The individual steps:  Basic principle meeting with written documentation of the agreements (C-Report, 250.00 euros all-in) Editorial and creative overall concept for the first production (launch version). Budget talks and coordination of fees including monthly basic fee.   One-day creative workshop CI, frame layout, navigation, topics, content, next steps, project management, workflow, timing ... (with costs). Produktion: Launch with deadline.
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