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Technical equipment Due to a specially developed "server architecture" we are able to set up every customer PR magazine technically within an hour, with every PR magazine domain without exception. The layout initially corresponds to the internal standards of our supplements, so that we In the most favorable case and be able to produce a so-called "pre-launch" version within 5 days and put it online. The following requirements would first have to be met:   Topic specification • Adaptation of the link structure • Individualization through logo and imprint adaptation • Visual and content design with text and photo • Pre-launch version max 5 pages including imprint   For the future frame layout and production, a binding corporate identity concept as well as an editorial content-related topic concept must be adopted. We are fully capable of acting in the design and production of media content.   Text: creative, documentary, journalistic, formal, Photography: individual photos, photo series, Video: spots, clips, straming (with additional technical package)   The design of the navigation structure is absolutely noteworthy. In contrast to static websites that are accessed by PCs and laptops or tablets, supplements are primarily smartphone-optimized for good reason.   This means that text links can be avoided for the navigation structure. For reasons of user-friendliness, links are mainly represented by graphics and images on the smartphone.   Another important topic is the expanded media distribution. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and others are important media distributors. As soon as a new supplement topic is published, we provide a so-called "key visual" that should be published on the operated social media accounts with a direct link. This also creates "traffic".  
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