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Digital supplements are outsourced subject areas that, similar to a print supplement, are attached externally as a PR, image or "information attachment" to an existing main webpage.   In the technical sense, this is also a web path, which is structured like a print magazine in terms of content. The main web page receives considerable added value and is therefore suitable for permanently attracting new target groups. Process Management   The attachment itself takes place via a provided key visual in jpg format, which only needs to be linked. This prevents us from being able to access either the content or the technical infrastructure of a main domain page.   The key visual can be designed graphically as long as it carries the addition: "PR magazine".   The supplement can be set up either as a permanent PR magazine or as a temporary media production for a limited time.   A permanent establishment requires an editorial concept, regular topic developments and thus "running content".   A faster solution can be useful for promotions, trade fair and event concepts, or as a so-called look book for viewing and sharing photos after an event. The possibilities, up to crisis management, are manifold.   The domain rights of "PR-Magazine.com" are with CEA and Christian von der Eltz. This means that every domain name in connection with PR-Magazine.com is possible without exception.Be it a company.PR-Magzine.com, a brand.PR-Magazine.com, a project.PR-Magzine.com or a temporary event.PR-Magazine.com, there are conceptually no restrictions.   The format of every PR magazine is smartphone-optimized. Media content is already accessed mainly via smartphones in Asia; In Europe, the smartphone device is also developing into the technical source of first choice. This is one of the reasons why media content must be available and accessible anytime and anywhere.
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